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How do i ensure that my rental is returned?

It is always recommended to have a contract for the rental and to take a deposit.

Why can't I contact another member?

You must have a subscription in order to contact another member with a message or through IM. If you do not have a subscription you can buy one by clicking on the "Billing" link on the Members Menu.


How do I sign up?

Simply click the "Register" button.

What is a username?

A username is your alias on the site. Your username is what other members will see when they access your profile instead of your real name. Username should be in a Alpha-numeric form but at least 4 characters not exceeding 15 characters. Usernames must not have spaces or special characters such as (@--#%^&*+). If your username is taken try putting some numbers after the name (example: John123).


Do I need to have a rental contract?

It is alway a good idea to have a rental contract to protect both parties.

Dose Craig's Rental provide sample contract?

No, Craig's Rental does not give legal advice. It's always recommended to seek legal advice for any contract that you will be using. There are many legal advice web sites available. Craig's Rental does not recommend or endorse any legal website. You can find a sample rental contract by searching for "sample rental contract" in your preferred search engine.